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I am here to help you in your journey to good health and happiness

About Olive By Renuka

Welcome To Natural & Organic Well-being

OliveByRenuka is centred around the concept of natural and organic well-being.
With most of the diseases having their triggers in the stress and imbalanced emotions, OliveByRenuka focuses on an integrated approach of nutritional counselling and emotional healing with flower therapy to help people in their healing journey.

How We Can Help 

I am here to help you in your journey to good health and happiness

Nutri Health

Our Personalized Nutritional Counseling Program: Empowering Your Journey to Optimal Health Welcome to our exclusive Personalized Nutritional Counseling Program called Nutri Health! 

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Holistic Health

Where we merge the power of personalized nutritional counseling with the profound benefits of emotional healing through flower therapy. This program offers a comprehensive approach to your wellbeing

Precision Health

Where the power of personalized nutritional counseling, flower therapy for emotional healing, and cutting-edge genetic testing converge to create a truly transformative and individualized approach to your wellbeing.

How I can help you be happier

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Personalized Health Programs

OliveByRenuka strives to assists people in their wellness journey through integrated approaches of nutrition counselling and emotional healing through flower therapy. We also dive down deeper into precision through DNA testing.

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Emotional Healing

As the old adage goes, a sound mind ensures a sound body. We all will agree that stress and emotional disharmony is the cause of most of the diseases today. With the global burden of mental health issues rising day by day, there is a dire need to address this. 

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Corporate Wellness

Revolutionize employee engagement through a focus on employee emotional wellness, Analyze the emotions of each participant. Identify the need for healing at an early stage. Provide tools and training for self analysis of emotions.

I’m Renuka Varier Nutritionist and Flower Therapist

I work with people with lifestyle diseases and emotional health issues. Together we work to go to the root cause of their imbalances, physiological, genetic and emotional and come up with a personalised plan which includes, flower therapy, nutrition, nutrigenomic counselling, and lifestyle transformation to help you come back to balance.

Happy Clients

"Bach Flower Remedies worked wonders for my 5-year-old daughter! As we all have been facing this pandemic for almost more than six months now - Staying at home, not seeing their friends, attending school virtually, not even going to the garden was really tough & challenging for her to accept given her age! Initially, she was coping up with it but at one point it became just too much for her. And that's when Bach Flower Remedies helped her a lot. Many thanks & my best wishes to you Renuka."

Supriya Karmarkar.

I was a Covid positive patient on March 21st. Post-discharge, I had taken all necessary precautions like medicines, diet and, rest. Still, I was mentally very much stressed with fear and also started having tremendous hair fall. As I didn't want to take any more medicine, I tried Bach Flower Therapy which gave me magical results. My stress and fear reduced immediately, hair fall also reduced after applying bach flower hair oil just two times. These remedies are very good, and they don't have any side effects. Thanks to Renuka Ma'am"


I am taking Bach Flower Remedies for the past 2 months. I am a patient of neuralgia and have been taking heavy allopathic medicine which gave many side effects. My daughter Renuka started Bach Flower Remedies & now I have overcome the side effects. Besides this, I also was carrying a certain type of fear & some worrying thoughts but now they have reduced considerably. I am sure that these will go as well. Thanks to Renuka with my blessings."

Vaishali Karmarkar.

I also opened up my problems and anxiety. She is a very nice person and also a very good listener. Within a day I got my medicines and started feeling better after 4-5 days. I took Bach Flower Remedies for 2 months continuously and now I'm feeling completely fine. I feel absolutely normal and I got my life back after almost 8-9 months. I was suffering from anxiety, rapid heartbeat, interestless, depressed, was not able to sleep at night but it all recovered step by step. Thank you Renuka ma'am and thank you Bach Flower Therapy."


"Thank you for the lovely hair treatment Renuka! My hair has grown longer and thicker in the past few months. The texture has improved and they look voluminous. Most importantly, I feel good about my hair! Thank you Renuka!"

Goretti Yadav.

A few months ago I found that my blood sugar was a bit high. I am happy to report that my blood sugar is back to normal as I have made big changes in my choices and portion sizes. I have lost about 6kgs in less than 4 months and while I still have a ways to go, I am doing well, feeling light, healthy and happy. Thanks Renuka mam for all of your help!! Looking forward to more sessions 😊


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