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Bliss is a complementary combination of select flower remedies that helps us in our daily stress. The emotional disharmony that we go through when:

Just take 4 drops every 20mins. Stop once you feel better. For any long term emotional issues, you will need to approach a flower therapist to have a personalised combination.

OliveByRenuka Hair Essences

We develop customised hair essences for your hair issues. In this we not only consider the issues you are facing with your hair such as hair fall, itchy scalp, dryness etc, but we also take into consideration your emotions related to your hair problems like fear of baldness, self-shaming etc.

These essences are a combination of select flower remedies along with select aromatherapy essential oils. They come in a set of an oil based and a water-based essence. A detailed instruction card is provided with the set of hair essences on the usage of the hair.

These essences are not only complementary but also completely safe and natural

OliveByRenuka Face mist spray

The face mist spray is a refreshing and a cleansing spray made from select flower remedies. It is water based, and totally safe. This can be used at the end of the day after your shower or a good wash. Spray it liberally on your face, keep it for about 3-4 mins and then dab it lightly. It will help you feel clean and fresh. It has also helped people in allergic sneezing that happens due to any allergen triggers like dust. However, it cannot replace the treatment that you maybe taking for your specific allergies.