Balance your Life with Bach Flower Therapy and Nutritional Counselling

In today’s fast-paced world stress, depression, anxieties don’t need to be proven by numbers. We all experience them and I believe we will agree that we all feel a constant need for healing them. Needless to say, we all will agree that our emotional fluctuations in turn affect our physical wellbeing as well.

Should emotions precede the numbers in our health metric?

Lifestyle diseases are a part and parcel of our lives and whilst we are dealing with them with all possible means, they are all strung on a common thread of stress. And considering this common thread makes a holistic approach all the more important to help us with these issues. There is a dire need that the person is treated rather than the disease. We need to realise that health is beyond just numbers. We are humans and have emotions and not robots and hence need to see not only the numerical analysis (values- sugar, BP, Cholesterol, etc) but much beyond. If we heal the person and his emotions it will only contribute to the overall healing process thus increasing the quality of life. A system that could heal the emotions in a natural way would then be just ideal. Bach Flower Therapy is one such system of healing.

It was developed by Dr. Edward Bach in England in around 1930. They are essences made out of English wildflowers. Dr. Edward Bach, who was a doctor himself, felt the need to heal a person rather than addressing just the disease. To put it in his own words,

“The mind being the most delicate and sensitive part of the body, shows the onset and the course of disease much more definitely than the body so that the outlook of the mind is chosen as the guide as to which remedy or remedies are necessary.”

– Dr. Edward Bach

Ease of taking Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower therapy consists of administering these flower essences depending on the emotional status of the person. For e.g, if a person has a headache the conventional approach may be taking pain killers or maybe going in for further investigations as per the advice of the experts. In Bach Flower therapy on the other hand we ask how the person is feeling about the headache. Is he/she irritable, or may feel like crying, or maybe feeling cannot tolerate it anymore, etc. And the combinations are made accordingly. They are taken in the form of drops either directly on the tongue or maybe in water or any other beverage. Being water-based remedies and prepared from flowers, the most beautiful agents of nature, they are safe and natural. The drops have no taste or odor. This therapy complements all the other forms of therapy and has no restrictions on diet and lifestyle.

Does food have any other function than supplying nutrients?

Diet on the other hand should go beyond the brackets of just numbers. The food that we eat should not only take care of all the essential numbers we need to achieve but also take care of 3 main functions –

  • Heal
  • Nourish
  • Satisfy

In essence, the psychological functions of food need to be paid attention to. The choices of food made while planning a diet should be in sync with the likes dislike, and diet pattern of the person thus taking care of the satisfaction part as well.

The counseling/consultation sessions should be understanding the person, situation, emotions, constitution, and give solutions accordingly. Rather than having time-bound targets of numbers to be achieved, it would help if there is a gradual progression in the number graph while transforming the person and his lifestyle for long-term effects.

Bach Flower Therapy and Nutrition

A unique combination of Bach Flower Therapy and an adequate and balanced diet would be an excellent way ahead. This combination will help in emotional healing with the help of Bach Flower and at the same time diet leading to good health.

A customised combination of Bach Flower essences along with a customised diet plan makes an amazing combination. The balance in emotions brought about by Bach Flower therapy along with a diet that gives adequate nutrition and is psychologically satisfying helps restore balance.
Over and above both Bach Flower Therapy and Nutrition not only complement each other but also complement all other forms of treatment/therapies. Completely safe and natural for all age groups!

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